Thursday, February 11, 2010

"We are only the distance of worship away from the throne of God."

- Praise is so powerful -

I don't think allot of people realize just how important praise is.

For many praise is singing a few songs before the church service begins to allow people to chat - catch up with friends - allow the late comers ~ a buffer ~ before the message begins. You know... sing a few hymns to settle everyone down before the pastor starts... Even many pastors think this way - sad :(

Over the years - one of the hardest things to explain to people is that when we praise - truly praise the Lord - we are not bringing the Glory of Heaven into the sanctuary - what we are doing is joining the service (that is all ready in progress) in Heaven. In the spirit realm we can literally joint in with the Heavenly Hosts - singing around the throne of God. The Bible says that our bodies are the Temple of the Living God - Jesus dwells within us - This is a mystery - When we praise - we are not getting more of His presence - what is happening is... our flesh is shutting down and we begin to see into the spirit realm. The more we participate in worship - the more we forget about ourselves - what others are thinking - what we are thinking - and just begin to praise - lift up- and glorify Jesus - the more we fade away in this world and enter into the kingdom of God. We are actually allowing - the Kingdom of God - to be here on earth... WOW

This is a personal experience - Each individual has to press in for themselves - We can't do it for them - If they decide to just sit there like a bump on a log and say... "I don't feel God's presence" Well they're right...

I encourage each worshiper to tell others - show others - how to enter into the gates of Heaven with praise - Once you've been there - you never want to leave...

"We are only the distance of worship away from the throne of God." Jack W. Hayford

God Bless
"To The King!" "To the Kingdom!"
"Our God is on the Move!"
Ben Andrews

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